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About NetAuctions South Africa

As auctioneers we specialize in Total Dispersals, Production-, National Breed-, Show-, Club-, Implements- and Loose goods sales. NetAuctions strive to be one of the leading firms of professional stud-, commercial stock, implement and property auctioneers. Our auctioneer’s expertise and success are known country wide as a leaders in the Dairy-, Nguni-, Indigenous goat and Milch goat auctions. Our qualified auctioneer is Gert Coetsee, with 27 years of experience in the auctioneering business.

Personal attention from our auctioneer is given to all clients who are planning an auction sale. Farm visits make it possible to give a market related valuation on the offer and give a written quote of a complete advertising campaign. We use national and local media for auction advertisements. High quality brochures are designed by our in-house graphic designer and distributed to potential buyers and breeders, which are listed on our comprehensive and weekly updated database. In the case of a stud stock sale, all catalogue data are retrieved from Studbook or Breed Society and are compiled, printed by professional printers. Internet,  E - mail and SMS services are used to promote auctions. Photo galleries and catalogues are available on our website. We are also leaders in "Stud Stock Internet Auctions" were bidders can take part in an auction in the comfort of their own home /office.  Well trained auction managers and our reliable personnel, see that all preparations are in place before the auction date.

Admin personnel are available to handle all buyers’ registration, completion of invoices and manage all payments during and after the auction. Payments are made on the day of the sale, preferably by bank guaranteed cheques, cash or electronic transfers which are available at the sales office. Our admin personnel finalize all sale admin and invoices on the day of the sale. Electronic transfers are made to the seller. 

Transfers of registered animals are done by our office through Breed Societies or Studbook. We do livestock exports to neighbouring countries.


Gert Coetsee holds several SA record prices achieved at various auctions:

  • Nguni Bull - R192 000
  • Nguni Cow with calf - R82 000
  • Nguni Cow (in calf) - R50 000
  • Nguni Heifer (in calf) - R44 000
  • Nguni Heifer (open) - R31 000
  • Holstein Bull - R80 000
  • Holstein Cow (B&W) - R155 000
  • Holstein Cow (Red) - R81 000
  • Holstein Heifer (in calf) - R40 000
  • Holstein Heifer (open) - R76 000
  • Holstein Heifer (under 3 months) - R22 000
  • Jersey Bull - R34 000
  • Jersey Heifer (open) - R37 000
  • Jersey Heifer (in calf) - R68 000
  • Jersey Cow - R86 000
  • Ayrshire Bull - R30 000
  • Ayrshire Cow - R50 000
  • Ayrshire Heifer (open) - R50 000

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