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How NetAuctions Works

Looking to buy or sell livestock, wildlife, or farming equipment? NetAuctions aims to provide you with the tools you need to make the most of your Total Dispersals, Production-, National Breed-, Show-, Club-, Implements- and Loose Goods Sales in South Africa.

On-Site Auctions

NetAuctions’ on-site auctions are facilitated by expert auctioneer, Gert Coetsee and his team of marketers, with the aim of securing the best possible value on livestock, wildlife and property for both the buyer and seller.

NetAuctions stands out from the competition, thanks to our technological expertise, marketing know-how, and reputation for quality to which we ascribe.

Our marketers are friendly, knowledgeable about livestock, classification, health, handling and market value.

Our qualified auctioneer is experienced, registered and observant, with extended knowledge regarding livestock and other animals, market value and trends, laws, and negotiation methods.

Let NetAuctions take the hassle out of hosting an on-site auction with our database of buyers and marketing expertise, together with our auctioneer’s record sales numbers.

Internet Auctions

As the national leaders in Stud Stock Internet Auctions, NetAuctions has more than 10 years of Online Internet Auctioning experience. This division of our auctioneering business was created to fill the gap left by traditional on-site auctions, including:

  • the high cost of setting up conventional on-site auctions
  • the complex and cumbersome logistics of on-site auctions
  • the fact that a large portion of the market is excluded from attending an on-site auction due to geographical and time constraints.

With online Stud Stock Internet Auctions, NetAuctions provides you with a greater buyer's market while saving you time and money. Stud Stock Internet Auctions offers the following benefits:

  • Save thousands of rands on expensive logistics associated with on-site auctions.
  • Save hours of precious time in setting up an on-site auction.
  • Open up your online auction to participants from anywhere in South Africa where there's an internet connection.

Our dynamic, user-friendly platform allows users from all over South Africa to participate in our Online Internet Auctions.

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